Assessment Payment Options


To pay assessments online, you will need to establish your account in the MMI Portal. Your Portal account is linked to the Association Bank Account and your payment record so you will not have to have your account information in order to make your online payment. All homeowners are issued a letter containing information on how to set-up a Portal account along with a required Security Key. If you no longer have your letter, please contact Client Services at 301-220-1850 ext 19.

If you wish to mail a payment, send to:

[your association name] c/o Majerle Management, Inc.
PO Box 1760
Commerce, GA 30529

Download Automatic (ACH) Payment Auth
Using automatic debit ensures timely payment, avoids late fees and saves money for your association because we no longer print payment coupons.

Login to MMI Portal
Once you are logged-in to MMI Portal, go to “My Account” where you will find a payment link at the top of the page.