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Majerle Management, Inc. uses the state-of-art document and data delivery system, HomeWiseDocs. This delivery system provides reliable, round-the-clock online access to all governing documents and other data for lenders, title/escrow companies, real estate agents and homeowners in need of information.

Majerle Management, Inc. has put financial and other data along with governing documents into the HomeWiseDocs. The data is stored in a password secured fashion. HomeWiseDocs will prepare the package and notify your MMI manager. The manager will update some of the content to be more current and relevant to your home. Once completed, the package is delivered by HomeWiseDocs.

Who needs a resale package?
Maryland Law requires that all resales of condominium units or homes within a mandatory homeowners association must provide the package to their buyer. The package must be prepared by the board or designated management firm (this is a change for HOA’s since 2016).

When should you order the package?
The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract until the package is received or during a review period (15 days for condominium, 5 days for HOA’s). For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase the package at the time you list the property for sale rather than cause an unnecessary extension of the buyer’s rescission rights.

Is an inspection conducted?
Some associations require an inspection. If so, there is an inspection fee. That fee is included in the purchase price of the package.

How much does it cost for the package?
Maryland Law limits the fees to*:
$250 for the resale package (standard 20 day delivery)
$100 additional if a rush 7 or fewer than days is requested
$ 50 additional if a rush 5 or fewer than days is requested
$100 additional if an inspection is required
* all fee limitations are subject to a CPI increase every two years starting 2018
MMI fees are at or below these limits

Fees also apply for Demand/Closing statements and Lender Questionnaires

Notice: Payment is required at time of purchase. E-delivery fees are included. Hard copies are extra.
If the sale does not close, the fees paid HomeWiseDocs are non-refundable, however updates are available should you require another package.

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Majerle Management, Inc. and HomeWiseDocs are pleased to bring you this Internet Utility to simplify the process of delivering and obtaining community association data and documentation for a variety of users in any association real estate transaction. If you have any questions regarding the above please contact HomeWiseDocs at 866-925-5004 from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time or use their online chat function.