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Did you know MMI specializes in rental property? We know how to do it and this means we’ve found ways for you to find the right home quickly & efficiently. Frankly, since your time is valuable, we think streamlining the process is better for both you and our rental agents. So, if you want to follow an effective home-search process, here’s how it’s done…

Know your qualifications — MMI posts our qualification policy right here on our website. Look at it. Estimate the price range for which you qualify before you even start looking for a home. If there’s any doubt about the condition of your credit, check your own credit (–it’s free in Maryland. All Maryland residents are entitled to a free credit report once each year. Before you spend any time or money applying for rental properties, know whether you will qualify.

Search listings — When you find something on our site or on any rental website, call your MMI agent and get all the information without going through the pre-qualification, information gathering process each time you call a new agent. All of our listings are posted on this site and are up-to-date.

At MMI, our business is rentals. One or our leasing agents will be happy to show you any MMI listing. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll search other companies’ listings to see if we can find it.

Get an agent - Like sales agents, rental agents are required by law to have a client. Either they can represent you or they can represent the landlord. Most, if not all of our fees are paid by the landlord, whether we represent you or the landlord, so why would you not someone on your side. When you hire an agent, you make certain commitments in exchange for their agreement to work for you. Ask your MMI rental agent about “buyer agency” (yes, it applies to rentals, as well)

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